Wire  Sculpture
By Garry Curran
Freedom On Wheels
I discovered bicycle wire sculpture twenty odd years ago whilst travelling in Spain with my guitar.
I came across a man making and selling wire bicycles and what charmed me about the whole thing was how contented he looked.
I thought how lovely to have such a talent and to be able to just sit there make bicycles and make a little money from something he obviously loved doing.

However, I had my own journey to follow and thought nothing more of it and went on my merry way.

Having spent nine months travelling around Spain I eventually returned home. 
One sunny day I had to go to the local hardware store. I canít remember what it was I needed at the time because my attention was immediately directed to all the wire reels that were hanging there before me.

Suddenly I remembered the man in Spain and without hesitation bought a reel of wire and pliers and spent the next six months making my design for a wire bicycle.

Having succeeded somewhat (after all a bike is a bike is a bike) I took my pliers and a reel of wire to my local pub, bought a pint of beer and proceeded to make a wire bicycle for the barmaid. She loved it and so did one or two of the customers.
The first two bicycles were sold for the princely sum of a pint of beer.

From that day onwards I have not stopped making and selling my bicycles and in today's world, technology allows me to simply put my bicycles up for sale to the public.
I am very happy to sit at home, making bicycles and making all my customers happy.

Regards Garry