Garry Curran Wire Sculpture

Hand made wire bicycle Sculptures, cake toppers and keepsakes.

 "Handmade Wire Bicycle, Cake toppers and Keepsakes"

Wire Sculptured Bicycles personalised just for you.

Wedding Cake Toppers and Wedding Centerpieces

A Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake can be a place to show your character and indeed play a big part in demonstrating your personality. 

Each miniature wire bicycle is hand made by myself from one continuous piece of wire, shaped with pliers and some simple tools.
You end up with a unique hand crafted wire bicycle,a bicycle just made for you personalised with a name, if wanted, written in wire and placed onto the wheels of the wire bicycle. 

My work has been featured in "County Wedding Magazine" and "Beads and Buttons" with a page write up titled "Freedom"

All the bicycles I make are made for any bicycle occasion cake toppers. "Bicycle themed weddings", "Bicycle themed party" "Gifts for Bicycle mad friends" "Keepsakes" Bicycle Ornaments" indeed anything bicycle. 

My website consists of "Tandem Bride and Groom Cake Toppers", "Mr and Mrs Cake Toppers" "Racers", "Road Bikes" and the "Vintage Penny Farthing".

Thank you for taking time to visit my website and I hope you find exactly what you are looking for.
If not, please message me and we can discuss what it is you are looking for.










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